Once They Were Angels
by Robert Goldman
A Complete History of the Angels,
told through memories of the players who lived it

Bo Belinsky:

One of Bo's own favorite stories involves Gene Autry. "We were catching the plane to New York City, and Gene Autry decided to take the trip along with Fred Haney. I had a friend who was a Duchess, and she was going to pick up Dean and me in her limo at four o'clock in the morning at the airport at JFK. We wound up landing in Newark, and I told Dean we're not going to get picked up by the Duchess. At the same time, Autry and Haney had a limousine waiting for them at JFK, and here we pull into Newark and here's this white limousine pulled right there at the airplane. Autry figures it's his and everyone is patting him on the back saying, 'How did you do this? How did you let them know that we were going to be here?' He was a big hero. Well, they walked out to the limousine and got straight-armed by the chauffeur, who told him, 'This is Bo Belinsky's and Dean Chance's.'

The Duchess had figured it out and she had the limousine waiting there for us. I mean, I could see this guy pushing Gene back and his cowboy hat flying off. Autry thought he was kidding him, so he sneaked around to the other side of the car, and opened the door and the Duchess's two poodles came out, 'ARF! ARF! ARF!' and attacked him. His hat went blowing off again and I said to Dean, 'This may be the last year with the Angels with me and you.' I don't think they appreciated that too much."